6 Reasons Why Online Radio Should Be Your New Broadcasting Method

We’ve all heard about the online concerts and Twitch steamers since COVID-19 happened, and how it’s improved DJ’s careers. The problem is that Twitch, much like YouTube and Facebook, has the right to mute streams if they infringe on copyright. Sometimes they do this during the stream, other times, it’s done on the feed. But, what if we told you that there’s another option?

Copyright related takedowns.

If you don’t have a good webcam or just want to start showing your work on a shoestring budget, online radio is a possibility. Using SYQEL, you can get awesome visuals for your radio station and also find a way to promote it.

Users love that it’s free.

Though it’s free, you can still ask for donations.

Collaborate with sponsors.

Everyone loves music and an online radio means you can kick up your own community.

Go a step further: Elevate your online radio broadcasting experience with SYQEL: The music visualizer.

Background of the image is a screen capture of the music visualizer desktop app in action.

SYQEL: The music visualizer is a desktop app that generates stunning visuals using audio input from your computer, and requires no effort from you. Integrate the app with your broadcast, and create a listening experience like no other.

Catch a glimpse of the visualizer in action below. Then start streaming your music on the app for free.

Originally published at https://blog.syqel.com on September 15, 2020.

SYQEL: The music visualizer. Fully automated VJ app that reacts to and visualizes your music in real-time. Try free at SYQEL.com

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