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I don’t have to go on and on about how different this holiday season is going to be. And I’m not going to sell you on the idea that a holiday on lockdown is going to be just as great as any other year.

Because — while Hallmark movies have taught us that it’s not about the gifts or the events, but the people around us — it’s kind of hard to appreciate the holidays when no one is around us. When we’re sitting by ourselves or in tight-knit circles like we have been since the beginning of 2020.


Psychedelic trance music — psytrance — has a rich, colorful history and established culture. The original goal of the genre was to help dancers feel at one with their own bodies. But psychedelic music, in the early days, was also driven by psychedelic drugs and the need to create a soundtrack dedicated to the psychedelic trip.

Psytrance is designed to expand your consciousness. It’s made for stepping out of your own reality and experiencing another dimension you might not have ever even realized existed.

Seemingly random factors were catalysts for the birth of the genre, and are worth a closer…

Creativity quote: Creativity is as much as iteration as inspiration.
Creativity quote: Creativity is as much as iteration as inspiration.

Aspiring DJs are — for the most part — in one of a few stages at this point. You’re researching equipment and thinking about your sound. Or you’re actively learning how to DJ, with equipment, and practicing mixing. (If you’re still learning about equipment, these are the most important DJ software programs you should know about.)

Maybe you’re booking gigs. But usually “booking gigs” looks more like sporadic weekend weddings and festivals, not something reliable. This is where the DJ residency comes in.

Every career DJ talks about having them. Residents are on posters, regularly in clubs, and professional DJs…

Person DJing at rave.
Person DJing at rave.

If there’s one thing that makes or breaks an artist’s ability to become famous, it’s their audience. Having a core set of loyal fans means that you have a built-in promotion team, a stable source of income, and decent demand for your chance to play in bigger venues. Most promoters, record labels, and music journalists won’t book you unless you have a certain number of followers. The question still remains how do you get a decent audience in the first place?

It’s a time-tested question that remains relatively difficult to answer all at once. There’s no magic formula that will…

Back in the day, you didn’t need to know a lick about computers in order to become a DJ. You just needed a lot of vinyl and the right turntables. Oh, how times have changed. Even if you have vinyl, people usually expect you to DJ electronically, and that means you need to have the right software kits in your arsenal.

When you’re first starting out as a DJ, you might not know what to use, what’s worth the money, and what you should avoid. …

We’ve all heard about the online concerts and Twitch steamers since COVID-19 happened, and how it’s improved DJ’s careers. The problem is that Twitch, much like YouTube and Facebook, has the right to mute streams if they infringe on copyright. Sometimes they do this during the stream, other times, it’s done on the feed. But, what if we told you that there’s another option?

Copyright related takedowns.

Ever been muted while you’re working on a stream? It’s a pain, but it’s not one that you need to deal with as a streamer. Believe it or not, there’s been a special rule that people…

Raving has been a part of my life for almost 15 years, and in its most common form, it’s easy to recognize. It’s a bunch of kandikids waving around glowsticks, sprinkled with some DJ drama, and maybe a new psytrance track or two. Simple, right?

Our scene is one that is unique in today’s atmosphere, simply because it’s one of the only ones based on non-sporty, in-person interactions. I mean, what’s a rave without a party? Now that COVID-19 has been causing a major crackdown on parties, things have gotten more complex. Here’s what I’ve personally witnessed in the scene…

PLUR means that you *don’t* attend raves.

COVID-19 caused one of the biggest lockdowns in the history of the world. This lead to a massive upheaval in the music industry, which is basically built on concerts and in-person networking. For most artists, COVID-19 sparked major financial hits that turned daily life into a struggle. However, the lockdown doesn’t mean that you have to kiss your music progress goodbye.

If you know how to market yourself online, the lockdown can prove to be one of the best times for your music career to grow. …

If you’re trying to become the next big Twitch streamer, then you already know that a regular Twitch stream show isn’t going to be enough. Most major Twitch streamers have their own branding, interactive frames, as well as entire communities devoted to watching the stream in action. Doing this with Twitch and a laptop alone isn’t possible. To get a truly epic stream going, you need to have the right tools to promote and improve your show.

Not sure where to start? These classic tools below must-haves for successful Twitch streamers.

1. Get a better webcam for your Twitch stream.

DJ livestreams on social media.
DJ livestreams on social media.

Livestreaming wasn’t new before 2020, but it definitely exploded in the age of the quarantine. It was more associated with gamers on Twitch. They didn’t need to know the best online tools for livestream. They didn’t have to think about audio and visual quality like DJ’s do. But now that no one can go anywhere, the ability to broadcast live on the media platform of your choice is just what DJ’s needed.

Hopefully, we’ll all be able to go out again soon. But there are still a lot of other practical benefits of getting into livestreaming your set, like:

  • Increasing…


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